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Known as the Athens of the North in the late 18th century, when Edinburgh enjoyed a reputation as a city of intellectual brilliance and beautiful architecture.

Tourists in Edinburgh have many attractions to visit and it is famous for its festivals. The best known of these is the Edinburgh Festival, a collection of both official and independent festivals. The most popular events in the Edinburgh festival include the Tattoo and the Edinburgh Fringe which is the largest performing arts festival in the world. The Edinburgh Comedy Festival which is the largest comedy festival in the world, and the Edinburgh International Book Festival that are held every year over a four week period in August.

During this period the citiy is usually full with tourists and any accommodation should be booked well in advance.

Edinburgh Zoo and the many museums including the Museum of Scotland and the Royal Museum are other important tourist attractions. Getting around in the city is very easy with so much public transport available. Many residents of the city choose to use public transport with many busses, trains, trams and taxis on offer. Cycling is also big in the city but due to the city's landscape it can sometimes seem like a mountain bike ride.

Follow this link for a locals guide to Edinburgh with reviews and information on things to do, places to visit and where to eat and drink.


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